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Art Show and Silent Auction – Part 2

Hi all,

Last night I went to the West and Wine Bar for the Art Show and Silent Auction to benefit Duke Center of Eating Disorders. I was pleased to see so many people attend and enjoy the event. I saw all kinds of beautiful artwork, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, art craft, books, etc.

I am very happy to say that as soon as we got there, somebody had bid on my painting “Smooth Sailing”, and by the time we left (before the end), it had several bids ūüôā

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for too long, but I observed many people bidding on different artwork. I have the impression the Duke Center collected a good sum¬†of money to help people with eating disorders.

Thanks to the organizers of the event that did a great job, and the food and wine was wonderful. I hope they keep doing this event every year.

Here are some pics:

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Art Show and Silent Auction

I have¬†donated my painting “Smooth Sailing” to benefit Duke Center of Eating Disorders. The Art Show and Silent Auction will be held at West End Wine Bar from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Durham.

Proceeds will be used to fund the development of a treatment program that will allow families who cannot afford or access eating disorders treatment to receive the affordable care they need.

I feel good every time I donate or somehow help towards a good cause, and specially this time I feel very happy for having the opportunity to donate one of my paintings.

I wish all the luck to Duke Center of Eating Disorders on this Art Exhibition and Auction Event, and I hope they can raise lots of money to keep helping people.

Art Show and Silent Auction

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Gallery Exhibition

This month I will be exhibiting at the Visual Arts Exchange Gallery. This exhibition is called “Snapshot” for digital pictures.

As an artist, I love photography and I never thought that the art of taking good pictures could be so complicated and thoughtful. But I love it! and every time I use the camera I learn something new. I am also happy to say that my husband is also participating at this exhibition.

Below is my picture “The Flight of a Hummingbird” which I took couple weeks ago from the window of my kitchen. I was lucky to find a beautiful green male Hummingbird:

Gallery Exhibition - The Flight of a Hummingbird

The Flight of a Hummingbird

For all of you who live in the triangle area, please stop by the Visual Arts Exchange Gallery in downtown Raleigh to see this great exhibition. If you have any question or need directions, please contact me.

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