Art Show and Silent Auction – Part 2

Hi all,

Last night I went to the West and Wine Bar for the Art Show and Silent Auction to benefit Duke Center of Eating Disorders. I was pleased to see so many peopleĀ attend and enjoy the event. I saw all kinds of beautiful artwork, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, art craft, books, etc.

I am very happy to say that as soon as we got there, somebody had bid on my painting “Smooth Sailing”, and by the time we left (before the end), it had several bids šŸ™‚

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for too long, but I observed many people bidding on different artwork. I have the impression the Duke Center collected a good sumĀ of money to help people with eating disorders.

Thanks to the organizers of the event that did aĀ great job, and the food and wine was wonderful. I hope they keep doing this event every year.

HereĀ are some pics:

More photos: News and Events.




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