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Original Abstract Art by Carmen Guedez - Eclipse

Original Abstract Art by Carmen Guedez – Eclipse

What is Abstract Art?

 Abstract art deals primarily with ideas in its subject matter. In its form, it is usually removed from realism, and does not try to represent the physical world in a common sense way. Many people find abstract art inaccessible because it often has no recognizable forms in it. Abstract art is characterized by a reduction to the elements of art; for example, color, line, shape and form.  Abstract artists make use of these elements often in a very simplified way.

Cubists, like Picasso, seemed to want to point out that the visual experience of something was never a simple, one-angled shot, but is made up of our ability to move in space, and have 3-dimensional vision as a result of the positioning of our eyes.  Mondrian reduced his paintings to the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and black, white and greys. His subject matter? Well, he was trying to find a universal set of visual terms that could be recognized and interpreted by all people, regardless of their cultural background.

Jackson Pollock, had a gentle, considered technique of applying carefully selected colors to his giant canvases to create depth, layers, interesting relationships, patterns and conflicting focal points. He created form through……………. read this article ….

Painting Ideas: Modern Art, Art Deco, Pop Art

The pioneers of modern art unlocked artistic production for any kind of artist to be able to find a niche where she could deliver any kind of message in any preferred style or medium. And, since the end of the Modern era (1970s), so many new art products, materials and design tools have landed in our hands, artists have only their muses to blame for a lack of creative productivity.

Modern Art is categorized by art historians as that art produced between 1860 and 1970: a period of intense social, political and technological changes. It is characterised by abstraction, new materials and ideas about the nature of art. Some wall art painting ideas from the 20th Century …….. read this article

Abstract Wall Art Décor on a Budget

I’m a great collector of paintings, favouring those done by my very talented family members, but occasionally I’ll find a print that I like, or take the bold step of shopping at an art auction. Of the two, in my opinion, framing and block-mounting prints are by far the less expensive option.

I have some old favorites posters I’ve collected over the years which get updated with new frames from time-to-time, but I also enjoy visiting galleries and art shops to browse posters of new artists and exhibitions. Use your gorgeous fabric to recover old pin-boards or cork-boards. This creates a good-looking pin-board area that naturally curbs the impulse to stick study notes directly onto the wall. The next revelation was stenciling. I immediately got nervous – candy-stripes can dominate a small room and make it feel crowded. But we began……….. read this article

Paintings: Different Types of Colors Used

 Colors play a very important role in the field of paintings; every piece of art is useless if proper colors are not used for enhancing the ideas of the artist. Other than the pencil art, where only pencils are used the other types of paintings need colors.

Colors also help in giving different shades and tints in the paintings. White color is mostly used to make the colors light which can be used for giving different contrast in the paintings. Analogous Colors look good together as they are very closely related to each other, for example, orange and yellow, blue and green. Cool colors are those colors which showcase peace and coolness; they represent water, winter season, etc.  Neutral colors are the colors like black, white, brown, gray and beige. These colors are mostly …………. read this article

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