Special Fundraiser – Original Art

Hi all,

I am honored to partner with Carolina Estate Sales and Spanish for Fun to sell raffle tickets to help our friend Claudia Shiell who sadly lost her husband in a horrible car accident and her son is hospitalized with serious injures.

Each ticket cost $20. The prize is one of my landscape paintings “Time to Meander” . The gallery price of this painting is $1000.

The drawing will be held on Monday, November 22 at the Spanish For Fun School. The lucky winner will be notified by phone.

All proceeds will go directly to the Claudia’s Assistance Fund.

You can also make a deposit to “Claudia Shiell”,  Wachovia Bank,  Acc # 1010302415120. There are also other ways to contribute. For more information please contact me or visit these links:

Carolina Estate Sales

Spanish for Fun Schools

We greatly appreciate your help!



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