The Best of Being an Artist

As an artist; it feels GREAT when you  are selected on a juried art exhibition, when your art is hanging in a wall of a gallery, when you sell a painting, etc……………but definitively, it feels AWESOME when you get a good feedback from a buyer.

When somebody that has acquired one of my paintings, appreciate it so much and let it me know, I can’t even explain the happiness in my heart.  To me, this is The Best of Being an Artist, the “appreciation“; and that is why, with so much pride, I would like to share these emails from one of my customers:

Dear Carmen
I just wanted to let you know that I collected my (your!) painting: “True Story” today. Thank you so much for a wonderful piece of art. It arrived in first class condition, having been expertly packaged for shipping. I have been away for a week, so I collected it from the Royal Mail depot nearby after clearing it through customs. I have a good idea where it will go in my house, so I will send you a photograph when I have placed it.
Thank you also for enclosing the certificate, which I will keep safe. Who knows, I may just browse your website from time to time!! I celebrate the power of the internet in bringing me into contact with you and your work!
With kindest regards
David, Yorkshire, England.

…a couple of weeks later:
Dear Carmen
These photos are the best I can do! My living room is quite small, but I have some dimmer spotlights on the ceiling which highlight the painting nicely in the evening. You can see why I selected your painting for its colours and the modern abstract design. The decor is fairly plain, so your painting introduces some very pleasant accents.
Thanks again

Thanks so much David for being in touch with me and allowing me to share your emails and photos with my other buyers and followers!

And for each one of you that somehow has sent me a message, comment or feedback, I deeply THANK YOU. You make my life more joyful and motivate me even more to keep following my PASSION for ART.



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