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"Hola Carmen, These are some pictures of our painting. We just collected it from the frame shop and we are extremely happy with it. It took us a good time to find "the picture" for our wall and after nearly 2 years we can just tell you it was worth the wait! The Latin connection is quite strong as I'm Mexican :-) and we loved the little "llave de Sol" (G clef) cause if there is something we enjoy doing at home is listening to music, dancing and singing! Mexicans and Irish (my husband) have a musical heart! Thanks again, we hope to buy something more from you some other time."
K. Llanas & B. McDonagh Stockholm
"Dear Carmen, A trillion thanks of gratitude for your breathlessly beautiful and aesthetically dazzling, Fine Art, Giclee Print "Red Tulips" which we are so enjoying in the most magical of ways! This gem is so enchantingly gorgeous and so true to heart, and we are incredible impressed with your brilliance of beauty and splendor in this magical creation. You are truly and aesthetically inspirational with all the magic you create, Carmen!"
Leah and Dylan Los Angeles, CA
"I recieved my painting today and all I can say is Wow! It's beautiful, thank you for sharing your talent."
Kristin CussenYuma, AZ
"Carmen, the painting was delivered safely to our home today. It is a beautiful painting and will be the focal point of our family room. It literally pulls all of the colors in the room together. Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece of art. We'll be sure and send our friends here in Texas to your website."
Jack Strube TX
"Dear Carmen, I have received your print "Dripping Flowers" and it is even more beautiful than I had hoped. I cannot wait to frame it and display it in my diningroom. I thank you so much and I assure you I will enjoy your art for many years."
Deb Dorrington Dorval, Quebec, Canada
"Your paintings are beautiful! I love your new music themed work. So many fine musicians are fans of abstract art. I have heard through the network that you have sold some of your work to an internationally known pop icon. Congratulations! Your website is awesome. The prints that I have purchased from you are amazing and well worth every penny! Some of my collegues at this university will be in contact with you very soon."
M. Truettner WI
"Carmen, the prints are in excellent condition. They look professionally done…. truly giclees. Also, they were very well packed. I love them. Thanks and keep up the good art."
Miguel Bogota, Colombia
"Carmen, Happy Monday and hope you ad a wonderful weekend! I just wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful cards and I just love them! Thank-you so much and wishing you a beautiful week ahead : )"
Tamara B Cantonment, FL
"Your artwork is truly amazing. You use all the colors that I love. The earthy tones are stunning. You give really great discounts and maybe when I have extra to spend, i will be sure to include a few of your pieces in my home!!!!!!! good luck to you, well deserved."
Sharon Timon Cincinnati
"Dear Carmen, I received the "Hope Catcher" original and the "Tres Llaves" print yesterday. They are both as beautiful as I remembered them. I am so proud to say that I own an original "Carmen Guedez. You are so talented. The packaging of the art work was very good and everything arrived totally unscathed. I look forward to hanging the artwork and being able to see it everyday!!!!"
Michele Lindemann WI, US
"WOW, I am impressed, proud, happy, and prayful for you. I am 110% sure this is you time to shine, keep up the awsome work"
Jaber Al Marri Qatar
"Hi Carmen: I just wanted you to know that I got the painting and hung it this weekend. It just looks spectacular and I am going to put some paint on my (very) white walls that will pick up colors from the painting...So, I am very excited to have this in my place. It already makes the whole condo look better."
Jim Durham, NC
"Truly an inspiration!"
Clayton Austin, TX
"Salam Carmen, I so love your whole website! It is absolutely beautiful. Love your art..your photo's..everything. Your youtube is just wonderful! Thank you for being here. You are in inspiration to me."
Angellyn "Ani" Idhamou Santa Barbara, CA
"Suberb Art. Just Amazing. Bravo Carmen"
David Indiana
"Carmen, Happy Monday and hope you ad a wonderful weekend! I just wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful cards and I just love them! Thank-you so much and wishing you a beautiful week ahead : )"
Dormary Venezuela
"Beautiful artwork. I just love the colours and when I look at them I feel calm and peaceful inside. Thank you for sharing"
LauraB Toronto, Canada
"I used too paint not very well , but i was a huge fan of caravagio , its the darkness and light what i love about your paintings is the simplicity its not fussy but it is strong without being fussy if that makes sense, lovely art a great talent too have"
Cathy Ireland
"Once, Picasso said “Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon”, and Carmen in your artwork I have found the meaning of this idea. I wish you all the success in your career as painter. You have been granted with a wonderful talent to find beauty from the simplicity. Your work is just amazing. Congratulations!"
Eva Iglesias, Brussels Belgium
"In your pictures a lot of heat, a gentle radiance, comfort, tranquility. Thank you for the opportunity to see these wonderful works of art."
Inna Ukraine
"I'm something of a poet, and I have to tell you, looking at your work fills me with a perfect storm of words, images, and a desire to put pen to paper."
"Amazing Paintings. I love the geometrical series. You are a great artist!"
Steve Canada
"I love your sense of style and color and you are an extremely talented young lady. Much luck to all your future endeavors and may you continue to see all "things" through an abstract view and put them on canvas!."
Nancy Bokhoor Holly Springs, NC
"I so love you art Carmen! I have it on my iGoogle page and I started to love it alot..and your website is just wonderful! I am trying to start making ecard's on the net..and setting up a website and yours is just amazing and so inspiring too me. Thank you for it being here. I so love the picture "Volcano" that you have here. I want one time to purchase maybe a print of it if you sell them..I have not yet seen if you do sell prints..anyway..thank you Carmen..Salam and you have a beautiful weekend. Your talent is amazing!"
Ani CA
"Dear Carmen, I found your website and I just wanted to say that you are very talented, one on the best artists I have seen online. Your art is a source of inspiration for many people and other artists like me."
MaryAnn CA, US
"Hi Carmen, the paintings were delivered quickly and in great condition. The paintings look really nice... I will definitely consider getting my next order in the foreseeable future. Thanks much."
Ambadipudi Cary, NC
"SJ'ai vraiment aime votre oeuvres, montre une bonne technique et de la couleur. J'espere avoir la possibilite d'opter pour un autre de ses oeuvres."
Djena France
"Asombroso, brillante. No tengo palabras para describir lo que tu arte transmite, calma y alegria, misterio y esperanza. Gracias por compartir tu arte."
Liliana Medellin, Colombia
"Carmen, I was totally blown away by you creative talent. I am so proud to say I am an owner of a Carmen Guedez original. The painting will have a place of prominence in my home. You truly have God given talent. I will do everything to promote your paintings in the Madison, Janesville, Rockford area."
M. L. Janesville, WI
"I enjoyed seen your art. It brings peace to my soul. Thanks!"
Karl Berlin, Germany
"Carmen ha la capacita di trasmettere belleza atraverso il suo conoscimiento dei sensi e i sentimenti. Il suo arte commuove, non e moda, e arte."
C Melloni Milan, Italy
"Great paintings! Indeed I have been very surprised by the colors and themes, and they look quite thoughtful and inspired. I like them all, but las Tres Llaves is the one I like the best. Keep them coming!!!"
Cesar Dominguez Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
"The paintings are very beautiful, I like the techniques and the themes."
Luisana Denmark
"Your Work is absolutely fabulous. Fresh, current and Stunning. I will be contacting you to view in person and to hopefully purchase a couple works. Would also like to see if you are willing to do some custom work for some of my clients."
Kyle, WC Interiors USA
"Me encantan muchos los colores que empleas para tus cuadros. En particular, me gusto mucho el cuadro de las tres llaves, pues me recuerda la relacion que tengo con mi esposo y mi hija. Me gusta tambien la forma en la que combinas los colores y tu estilo unico y muy diferente."
Liz Garzon Raleigh, NC, US
"Beautiful abstract art. I love your paintings and I enjoy looking at them. I am a fan of all your artwork. Thumbs up!"
Stewart Cherry Hill, New Jersey
"Saludos Carmen! Excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones y exitos..."
Flavia Rodriguez Valencia, Venezuela
"Your paintings are awesome, I really like it. In fact, I want "Cuatro llaves". It would look great in my living room.  Do you have international delivery? Congratulations for your wonderful talent"
Adilen Ramon Spain
"Dear Carmen....your work is absolutely outstanding. It is fresh, simple and elegant at the same time. Bravo Carmen! You are a very talented artist"
Carolyn New Brunswick, Canada
"Que espectacular! me impresionan muchísimo tus pinturas, ¡me parecen muy buenas! que buen trabajo! te deseo muchísima suerte! sigue!"
David Lanza MN, USA
"Your artwork is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. This website is so professional--so awesome. Congratulations!"
Karen Lubeck Janesville, Wisconsin
"Guedez' works evoke feelings of warmth and intimacy. Her use of Earth tones makes her work both accessible and versatile. Her colors seem to be reflective of Latino culture and is often reminiscent of Native American styling and interpretation. The artist's own personal blending of cultures comes across through her work giving each piece unique character. Guedez is certainly a talented artist and I look forward to even more great work in the future."
Rafael Gonzalez London, UK


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