Common Issues and Safe Handling Tips


Common Issues and Safe Handling Tips

These are some common issues when buying an original painting:

Warped Painting

Since all my canvases are stretched using natural wood, they are affected by environmental conditions. I check every painting before I paint, and sometimes there is a minimal dent in the wooden bars. Wood is inherently susceptible to fluctuations in moisture, cold and heat. A canvas that may have been perfectly square at the manufacturer warehouse or my studio, it may arrive warped at its final destination if during the shipping process; it was exposed to heat, cold, and/or humidity.

One way to fix a warp painting is wetting the wood on the back with the painting face down and placing heavy weights on all four corners until it dries. What you will need: bowl, water, rag/towel, glassine or wax paper, 4 books and 4 weights (either exercise weights or simply 4 heavy rocks):

You could also have it re-stretch, or add a decorative frame.

Dent or Sagged Canvas

Spray the backside of the canvas with warm (not hot) water and as the water evaporates the canvas shrinks back into shape. DO NOT over-saturate. It is better to repeat this step several times in intervals of 1 hour, rather than over saturate it the first time.

Safe Handling Tips

With proper care, you artwork will give you years of viewing pleasure!

Some original paintings and canvas prints might have a strong odor from oil/acrylic paints, canvas, mediums, varnish and solvents, such as turpentine, turpenoid, mineral spirits, etc. If you are or think you might be allergic to any of these, please contact your doctor immediately.

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