Art Rental and Consignment for galleries, homes, hotels, staging, businesses.


Art Rental and Consignment

Carmen Guedez artwork is internationally recognized as High Quality Fine Art! We work with Homeowners, Real Estate Companies, Interior Designers, Arquitects, Hotels, Small and Medium Size Business, and Corporate clients to offer the best paintings and provide a sophisticated finishing touch for a place.

Art Rental Program

Renting art is an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your home, office, premises, public areas, tv/movies sets, etc. For potential buyers, this service is an opportunity to live with an artwork before committing to the final purchase. For staging, you can present your home in its best and most appealing look to the majority of homebuyers. For businesses, you can treat the cost of renting artwork as an operating expense, which then, reduces taxes.

With CGUEDEZ's Rental Program, you can rent with zero interest costs. The minimum rental period is 2 (two) months, and at the end of the second month you could either keep renting every month, purchase the artwork, change the artwork for another one, or terminate the rental agreement.

How does it work?

Most original paintings for sale are available for rent, except for a few that might be on hold for exhibitions, potential buyers, etc. Giclee canvas and poster prints are available for selected pieces only. Rental periods range from 2 to 12 months. Rental fees depend on the price of the artwork (see chart below). If you wish to purchase the painting you have rented after x months, the rental fee already paid will be deducted from the total price of the artwork. Or, if you wish to change the painting for another one, just contact us and request to replace your current rental with another painting. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

Clients may seek consultation from Carmen to provide assistance in selecting works to suit every taste and budget. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the rental price and must be paid in full prior to the delivery of the painting. If you would like to commission a work exclusively for your company, please contact us to arrange the details.

Keep in mind, that your rental program can be extended, canceled or replaced at any time.

Rental Fees


Retail Price

Rent Fee (monthly)


$0 - $499



$500 - $749



$750 - $999



$1000 - $1249



$1250 - $1499



$1500 - $1749



$1750 - $1999



$2000 - $2249



$2250 - $2499



$2500 - $2749



$2750 - $2999



$3000 - $3249



$3250 - $3499



$3500 - $3749



$3750 - $3999



$4000 - $4249



$4250 - $4499



$4500 - $4749



$4750 - $4999



> $5000

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We Guarantee

Consignment Program

Carmen Guedez also sell paintings on a consignment basis. For example, a serie of paintings are exhibited at your gallery, restaurant, hotel, etc. In the event any artwork is sold, you get an agreed commission from the proceeds.

We can replace the artwork within days with a similar or different painting at your request. We could also rotate your art according to your terms or at 3 month, 6 month or annual intervals to refresh your walls.

We can work together to establish a fair market value for each painting, and usually related expenses and insurance are generally covered by the gallery/business for the period of the consignment. We offer free advice on hanging, framing, cleaning the artwork, and more.

Send us an email to start your Rental or Consignment Program now!

CGUEDEZ Modern Abstract Art and Original Abstract Paintings Online Gallery would like to thank our happy customers, corporate and private collectors in the: United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Bermuda, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Philippines, Singapore, and in the US: NC, NY, NJ, WI, FL, TX, CA, MI, MO, MS, CT, CO, DC, IL, SC, KS, KY, VI, MD, MN, AZ, AR, UT, TN, IA, WA, MA, NE, ID, NV, PA and more... I cannot thank you all enough for supporting my art! - Carmen