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Free Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and PC


Hope Catcher-Abstract Painting Image
"Hope Catcher"
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 152kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 740kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 461kb  download
Formula For Some-Abstract Painting Image
"Formula For Some"
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 163kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 690kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 465kb  download

Friends-Abstract Painting Image
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 141kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 882kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 398kb  download
Smooth Sailing-Abstract Painting Image
"Smooth Sailing"
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 194kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 1134kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 398kb  download


Dancing Flowers-Abstract Painting Image
"Dancing Flowers"
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 135kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 821kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 398kb  download

Fortaleza-Abstract Painting Image
iPhone/iPod - 320x480 - 109kb  download
iPad - 1024x1024 - 704kb  download
PC - 800x600 - 398kb  download

Free Wallpaper for Androids - Droids   New!

Download Instructions:

1. Grab your cellphone and go to this page: m.zedge.net/zcode.
2. In the zCode field, enter the code that correspond to the image you like:
- Wallpaper "Dripping Flowers" zCode: cguedez1.
- Wallpaper "Sunset Palm" zCode: cguedez.
- Wallpaper "White Blossom" zCode: cguedez2.
3. Hit "Download to phone" and save the image on your cellphone.
4. Set your saved image as wallpaper and Enjoy!

Wallpaper of Abstract Paintings for Androids/Droids-1       Wallpaper of Abstract Paintings for Androids/Droids-2       Wallpaper of Abstract Paintings for Androids/Droids-3

Free "Personas" from Mozilla Firefox

"Personas" are themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox Browser. To add a "Persona" just open you Firefox Browser and copy and paste this website:


Select your favorite image of Abstract Paintings by Carmen Guedez and click on "Wear it" or "Wear this Persona".

Personas Firefox                Personas Firefox

Free iGoogle Gadget

Free iGoogle Gadget of Abstract Art by Carmen Guedez.

To add this gadget just click on   Add to Google   and when the windows open click on "Add to iGoogle".

Benefits of this Gadget:

- It is Free and easy to add to your iGoogle Page.
- Available in different languages.
- After you added, you can customize the size and frame.
- Automatically updates with the latest and newest Abstract Art.
- You can added it to your personal website or blog.

Free iGoogle Themes

Free iGoogle Themes of Abstract Art by Carmen Guedez. To add, just click on any theme and "Add it now".

Flowers iGoogle Theme width=

Fall-Autumm iGoogle Theme

Poppies iGoogle Theme

Orinoco iGoogle Theme

Spring-Primavera iGoogle Theme

Winter-Invierno iGoogle Theme